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The Only Love Series

A Solitary Romance:  Book 1 in the Only Love Series

51mgyDmdkIL__SX311_BO1,204,203,200_Daydreamer Katrina Crimshaw just met the man of her dreams, again.  A chance encounter with Robert LaSalla, the co-worker she admired from afar years before, brings the past alive for the shy auditor.  Will she be able to juggle her secret life with her career and changing work situation?

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Katrina leads a comfortable life with a loving family and close work relationships.  She finds an outlet for her creative side by blogging about her passion for jewelry under a pseudo name.  There’s no room for romance in her life until she runs into Robert LaSalla, the man who caught her eye when she was just out of college and still stinging from a broken engagement.  Although she hasn’t seen him in years, he still intimidates her and sets her heart pounding.  As unexpected opportunities arise from her blog, she finds herself drawn to a charming British museum director, while unforeseen  circumstances throw Robert back in her path and upset her well-ordered life.  When passion flares in this second chance romance, will she let love slip through her fingers again?  A Solitary Romance is a clean romance that will set readers’ pulses racing.

A Lone Star Romance:  Book 2 in the Only Love Series

coverlarge(1)She’s an expert in Asian art and antiques from Los Angeles sent to an isolated ranch to catalog an important collection.  He’s a Texas cowboy.  Sparks were bound to fly.

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Kiki Tam just landed her dream job as an art consultant.  After her coworker has a freak accident, she must travel to Texas, alone, to evaluate Mr. Lui’s inherited art collection.  Reeling from a recent break-up, she’s not thinking about romance.  When her elusive client sends a rugged, angry cowboy to pick her up at the airport, things get dicey.

The exotic spitfire may be more than cowboys, ranch hands, and Mr. Liu can handle.  Will a native Texan be able to tame the  independent Kiki?  What surprises will she find in the Panhandle?  Opposites attract as passions flare in this pulse racing sweet romance.

A Calculated Romance:  Book 3 in the Only Love Series

coverlarge(2)A chance meeting throws Naval Intelligence Officer James Crimshaw across Ireland Lincoln’s path, literally.  Is something more than attraction at the center of their odd relationship?  Why is James devoting so much time and effort to pursue the lonely girl?  What secrets is the innocent redhead hiding?  Read A Calculated Romance, book 3 in the Only Love Series, to find out.

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